Vegan Dining in Silverlake

Vegan dining opportunities abound in Silverlake California. A truly vegan lifestyle, from food to drinks, is possible both at home, and outside the home. Nearby vegan restaurants and even some bars offer plenty of meatless fare. Over the internet, one can easily find plenty of vegan-style "meet-up" groups. These groups include potluck dinners, developing an organic garden, vegetarian families and kids, and much more. One unique aspect of the vegan community in Silverlake California is the addition of Vegan and Vegetarian food trucks. These "restaurants on wheels" have fresh vegan and vegetarian delights for all ages and tastes. Some of the food trucks have vegan options, in addition to dishes served with meat or poultry, or dairy products. One very different one is known as the Frankenstand - with "100% plant-based spooky themed cuisine". Fresh Fries has a 100% vegetarian menu with vegan options. Their fries come in natural, curly, and sweet potato. Vegenaise as well as ketchup can be had, or any one of their other numerous dipping sauces.

The Veg-it-Up Food Truck is a truly all vegetarian and vegan food truck. Vegan dogs, soups, salads, tacos - the list of offerings seems endless. Gluten Free Food TruckThere are also plenty of "land based" vegan restaurants and eating places to go to. Flore Vegan Cuisine, an urban-hip cafe, with hearty weekend brunches, plus lunch and dinner throughout the week, appeals to individuals and families alike. A deli counter, plus indoor/outdoor seating, complements the cafe. Only high quality, organic ingredients are used in the food prepared. Catering and gift cards are  also available.

Breakfast quesadillas can be ordered with mushroom, soy cheese, avocado, and tomatoes served on a whole wheat tortilla. Salads both gluten and wheat free are served all day long. Pizza on spelt and cornmeal crust is a family favorite. Mexican, roasted vegetable, or tomato basil pizzas are served throughout the day. For those with ethnic, vegan cravings, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants are available to satisfy those cravings. Exceptional seasoning blends make the Spicy Mushroom Soup or Larb Tofu excellent choices at the Mae Ploy Thai restaurant. For Indian and Mexican street food that is vegan friendly, try Cowboys and Turbans. A giant Buddha head fountain is on hand to greet visitors at the front door.

Silverlake's Trendy, Organic Lifestyle

For the young and young at heart, one of the trendiest places on the map today is Silverlake California. Named after the Department of Water and Power's Silver Lake Reservoir, this hilly district in Los Angeles is comprised of many diverse neighborhoods in terms of socio-economics and ethnic groups.


A large gay subculture is also present in Silverlake California. No more than 15 minutes from downtown L.A. or Hollywood, in 2012, it was number one on Forbes list of "America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods". This assessment was based on a number of factors, including the amount, per capita, of coffee shops, local food trucks, and locally owned bars and restaurants. It also took in to account the number of residents engaged in artistic occupations.

Progressive schools for children, and that "bohemian" feel have created a hipster neighborhood within a "hip" city - trendy, organic, constantly evolving. With it's modernistic architecture, inhabited by a blend of multicultural residents working in unconventional jobs, Silverlake is, indeed, the trendiest, most "hip" and innovative of U.S. neighborhoods. Although rents and real estate are considered on the high end here, with uniquely styled homes and apartment buildings, with enough leg work, one can find affordable housing. Musicians in Silverlake Musicians, artists, those in the entertainment profession, business owners, and various other professionals enjoy living and working in this community. An easy going attitude, and comfort in surroundings identifies those who reside here. The "cool" factor is present throughout all aspects of Silverlake. And part of what makes this a trendy area is it's renowned healthy lifestyle. Between the hills and lakes, with plenty of places for joggers and bicyclists, to offerings of local, healthy, organic foods, staying physically fit isn't difficult here. The outskirts of the area are lined with hiking trails. There are also plenty of staircases that provide access to workouts. Green areas lined with avocado, black walnut, macadamia nut trees, and other offerings beckon one to try these natural foods. Toss in some wildlife, such as coyotes, bears, and possums, or owls, and one has the best of the country and city all in one unique community.

Eco - Shopping in Silverlake

Eco-shopping choices are another lure to living in Silverlake California. Natural, non-toxic cleaning products can be found in green shops. Shades of Green eco-shop in Silverlake offers laundry products, baby and adult skin care products, and more that are all natural, organic, and non-toxic. Boutiques line the streets of Silverlake shopping areas, many with all natural, cotton fabric clothing. Gardening, food, produce, cleaning products, and clothing can all be found in green shops throughout this district. Even furniture, that uses harvest-friendly wood, is available for decorating one's home. Thrive Home Furnishings uses eco-friendly manufacturing in the making of their furniture and home decor.

Silverlake is a Fitness Haven

And finally, for fitness enthusiastic people, Silverlake California is a physical fitness haven. As previously mentioned, there are plenty of hiking trails, along with outdoor stairs for fitness workouts. Stairways with over 100 stairs can be found with some internet research. Outdoor fitness meetups abound in this community, with groups for all ages and fitness levels. Hiking groups of all types can be also easily be found. Whether one is over fifty, or under 10, or would like to work-out by gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic group, there is something for everyone here. Yoga, martial arts, and indoor gyms can be found throughout Silverlake. Silverlake is also an easy drive to beautiful Southern California beaches for running, biking, surfing, rollerblading, swimming and many other fun fitness activities.

Silverlake California is the type of place where one can find laundromats with a "comedy mike" hour. Hilly terrain, a natural ruggedness that calls to those who want to explore the wilderness, along with an urban pulse for those who walk a city beat - it's a grab bag full of something for everyone. For both the conventional and unconventional, Silverlake California offers the best of it all.